“We improve people's business training.”

The Problem
Formative de-infoxication

Who among us has not felt saturated with content searching for free information on the internet?

Not to mention the time we spend filtering that content.

Searching free information about business management on the Internet can be an unpleasant experience due to great existing disinformation caused by the high volume of content we can find.

In addition, finding the best content on a particular MBA-related topic has become an almost impossible task in which a lot of time is lost and it is difficult to filter which content is best.

The Solution


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MBA Master Online's Mission

Our Mission

"Create a free, effective, and accessible educational experience for everyone by curating business content."

Our platform generates business knowledge by providing the best free and effective education to entrepreneurs, businessmen and students from all over the world through the filtration of content that exists on the Internet.

MBA Master Online's Vision

Our Vision

"To become the best enterprise content curational platform, earning the trust and loyalty of our community."

Our goal is to change the MBA education of business schools and make it free and accessible to everyone.

“We improve people's business training.”

How do we do it?

"Thanks to our community"

Collaborative Education

Collaborative Education

Our community organizes and cures the best business information on the Internet and makes it useful and accessible to everyone for free.

Our registered users can:

  • 1 - UPLOAD CONTENT that they consider to be of interest for the community.
  • 2 - TAG the content to make it easier to find.
  • 3 - SEARCH for quality content.
  • 4 - VOTE the content to filter the best.
  • 5 - COMMENT with other users the educational content.
  • 6 - CREATE COLLECTIONS of contents. public or private..
  • 7 - SHARE content on other platforms.

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