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General Information

What is MBA Master Online?

MBA Master Online is a platform that generates business knowledge by providing the best free and effective education to entrepreneurs, Business people and students from all over the world by filtering the content that exists on the Internet..

Why use MBA Master Online?

Because you will be able to improve your professional future in the easiest, fastest and most efficient way. Free learning 100% online from the best universities and business schools.

Manage your account

Create an account

Click on the "Register for Free" button at the top or bottom of the screen.

Fill in the requested data in the text fields or create an account using one of the available social networks.

Once you have filled in the data and clicked the "Join" button, an e-mail will be sent to the address entered for account verification.

Once the account has been verified correctly, the main page will be displayed with the account already logged in.

Configure account

To modify your account details you can click on your account icon in the menu at the top or bottom of the screen.

Once in your account you can click on "Edit profile" or "Settings > Account settings".

All available fields in your account with current data will be displayed. Once you have made all the desired changes, click on the "Update account" button to save them.

To change the profile picture just click on "Change profile picture" or on the picture itself.

Reset Password

If you have forgotten your account password, just go to the Login page and click on "Forgot?".

Enter the email address you registered with and an email will be sent to you verifying the password change.

When you click on the email verification, a page will appear where you can enter your new password.

On the other hand, if you only want to change the password, you can do so by clicking on the icon of your account that you will find in the menu at the top or bottom of the screen.

Once in your account you can click on "Edit profile" or "Configuration > Account Settings".

Then click on "Change password".

Introduce the new password in the fields and click on the button "Change password" to save the changes.


Click on the "Login" button at the top or bottom of the screen.

Enter your email address and password and click the "Login" button to log in to your MBA Master Online account.

Social Login

In MBA Master Online you can use one of the available social networks to login in 1 click and without having to remember passwords. To do so, click on "Login" or "Register for Free" located at the top or bottom of the screen.

Once there you can click on any of the buttons to log in with that social network.

Clicking on the button of one of the social networks will redirect you to that social network so that you can give MBA Master Online permission to access basic profile information (name, surname, email address, etc.). When you accept the permissions you will be redirected to the main page with your account already created and everything ready for you to enjoy MBA Master Online.

Content search

Advanced search boxes

In MBA Master Online you can search for content from almost any page using one of the available search boxes.

As you type in one of the boxes suggestions of tags used in available content will be displayed.

If none of the suggestions is exactly what you are looking for you can press the "Enter" key to search for content that matches your search.

Filters videos, articles, collections and podcasts

Once on the search page you can filter the content you want to see, articles, videos, podcasts or collections.

Click on any of the options to display only the type of content selected. Each time you change the search, you will have to filter the type of content again.


While you are on the search page suggested tags will be displayed at the top that you can click to automatically search for that tag.

In addition, at the end of the content sheet the associated tags are displayed, which you can click to search for that tag directly.

Gestiona the content

Upload (Videos, articles and podcast)

If you have an MBA Master Online account then you can help the community and upload content and improve the training of all MBA Master Online users. To do so, simply click on the button in the menu at the top or bottom of the screen.

Now you can choose the type of content you want to upload: an article, a video or a podcast.


Once you have chosen the type of content, the URL of the content will be requested. To do this, you must copy the URL shown in the search bar in the browser. If that content is already in MBA Master Online, a warning will be displayed with a link so that you can go to it, vote for it or add it to your collections.

Add Title and description

After entering the URL the title text fields and the description of the content you are uploading will be displayed. The more descriptive the more chances people will find it and come up higher in searches.

Tag the content

Finally, tags related to the content will be requested. Type in the text field all tags that you think are related to the content by separating each one by typing "," or pressing the "enter" key.

Confirmation summary

When you have finished filling in the tags you will see a summary with all the data you have filled in and finally upload it. After a few seconds, if everything has gone correctly, the content will appear in MBA Master Online.

Edit content

If you think you can improve the title or description of your own content, you can edit it. To do so, just go to the uploaded content sheet and look for the "Edit" button that you will find next to the share and add to collection buttons.

Pressing the button will show a window with two text fields with the title and current description.

Modify the text to your liking and press the "Save" button.

Delete content

To delete a content that you have uploaded you just have to go to the sheet of that content and click on the "Edit" button that you will find next to the buttons to share and add to collection.

When you see the edit content window, you will see the "Delete content" option at the bottom left, press and a confirmation will be shown. If you definitely want to delete the content click on "Delete", otherwise you can always click on "Cancel" to go back.

Vote content

One of the features of MBA Master Online is the curation of content by voting for them by the community. To do this you just have to have an account in MBA Master Online and look for the voting buttons that you will find in the content sheets or in many other places within the page.

If you think that a content has high quality you can press the thumb up to vote for it positively and help the community by making it show up higher in searches. You can click again to remove the vote.

On the other hand if you think that a content has no quality you can click the thumb down to indicate that the content is not important, relevant or does not correspond with what it says in the title and/or description.

Content that you have voted positively will be displayed in your profile in the "Likes" sheet so that you can easily find it again.

Comment content

All content has a comment section below the description so that users can comment on that content.

In order to comment it is not necessary to have an account in MBA Master Online, although if you do not have a DISQUS account you will have to register when you comment or use one of the social networks they have available to create an account for you.

Once you have the account you can comment by typing your comment in the text field and pressing the arrow button to publish it.

Create collections

Another feature of MBA Master Online is the creation of public or private collections for the organization of content according to themes. To create a collection click on the "+ Collection" or "+" button that you will find in the card or in each of the contents available on the page.

A window will appear with a button to create a new collection followed by a list of previously created collections. Click on the "Create a new collection" button.

The window will show the text fields corresponding to the name and description of the collection and the option to make the collection public or private. Public collections are visible to everyone while private collections only you have access to.

After creating the collection, MBA Master Online will automatically add the content to the new collection. You can verify it by looking at the color of the collection, if it is green it means that the content is already in that collection.

Edit collections

To edit a collection you must go to its file that you can find using the search boxes and filtering by collections (only public collections) or in your account in the collections tab (public and private collections) and click on the "Edit" button.

In the window that appears the text fields with the name and description of the collection will be shown together with the button to change the privacy of the collection.

When you have modified all the fields you want, press the "Save" button to modify the collection.

Adding content to collections

To add content to a collection already created just click on the "+ Collection" or "+" button that you will find in the card or in each of the contents available on the page.

A window will appear with the list of all the collections you have created and the option to create a new collection.

Collections with a green filter are collections that already have the selected content included in them. To add content to a collection just click on the corresponding collection and the content will be added.

When the content already exists in a collection and what you want is to remove it from it you just have to do the same procedure, click on the desired collection and the content will be removed from that collection and the green color will be removed.

Delete collections

If you want to delete a collection, you can do so by clicking on the "Edit" button in the tab of your collection.

At the bottom of the window you will see the phrase "Delete collection".

When you press it a confirmation will be asked to complete the deletion, you can always press "Cancel" to not perform the deletion.

Once the collection is deleted the page will redirect you to the main page and an informative message will be displayed.

Rules and Policies

Fair use

At MBA Master Online we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to generate and share ideas and knowledge. In order to protect the safety and experience of users, we have set limits on the type of content uploaded and the behaviors tolerated.

These limits of good use can be read in the legal disclaimer: Terms of use


If you find in our platform any abuse of trust by a user in relation to the content uploaded, or derogatory comments towards a user, you can tell us what happened so that we can take action.

Get in touch with us Here.

Spam and fake accounts

MBA Master Online in situations of spam and false accounts reserves the right to take legal action against malicious abuse by individuals or companies, ranging from canceling the accounts of violators to take legal action as indicated in our website legal disclaimer.

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