The MBA program that will help you transform and lead your future.

How the program is structured

The content of the MBA Program is structured around 15 Training Modules taught online for free so you can learn at your own pace and together with thousands of masters classmates.


Module 1

Strategic Management

Learn how to make the best decisions to ensure the survival of your organization. Create value in the company using this innovation tool.

Module 2

Commercial Management

Master the best strategic management techniques in sales management. Controlling the entire sales process from market research to financial management of the commercial area.

Module 3

Marketing Management

Discover the marketing strategies to dominate your market. Learn to identify the desires and needs of your customers and create complete marketing plans.

Module 4

Operations Management

Learn how to create control strategies based on your demand and production. Design the best production process plans and improve your organization.

Module 5

Economic Context

Detect before anyone else the fundamental economic changes that affected your company and your global market. Be ahead of change and outperform your competition.

Module 6

Management Control

Plan and organize resources, lead people and dedicate yourself to measure their impact to implement improvements in continuous learning. Learn how to build business management systems.

Module 7

Financial Management

Learn how to analyze your organization's financial structures by controlling the passive and the net. Create accounting reports and detect the best economic KPIs of your company.

Module 8

Cost Accounting

Learn how to have a global view on cost accounting. Create an analytical approach and make decisions based on data. Control your company's accounting.

Module 9

Human Resources and Talent Management

Manage your organization's Human Resources optimally. Plan and detect your internal and external talent management needs.

Module 10

Organizational Behavior

Detect the positive or negative impact of individuals, groups or departments in your organization. Generate value knowledge through behavioral studies.

Module 11

Information Systems

Learn how to manage and implement information systems in your organization. Create traceability processes and manage registrations and cancellations.

Module 12


Accelerate your projects from 0 to 100. Design, plan and launch your entrepreneurial projects thanks to methodologies based on objectives and sprints.

Module 13

Leadership Skills

Learn how to manage and solve professional competencies that will launch you to success. Apply models and techniques of personal work created by the most contrasted managers.

Module 14

Career Orientation: CV, HH, Career, Interviews

Improve your skills and qualifications by adapting them to your future plan. Generate professional objectives and measure their scope.

Module 15

Fundamentals of company law

Broaden your economic and legal knowledge to become a level professional. Manage the legal aspects in companies and organizations.